The Gold Standard for jazz at sea since 2001

The Gold Standard for jazz at sea since 2001

No one has done it longer, more often, or better.


When it first sailed in 2001, The Jazz Cruise set the standard for jazz entertainment at sea.  Now, more than 20 years later, The Jazz Cruise has become the most significant “straight ahead” jazz event in the world.  One hundred jazz musicians. Two hundred hours of music. It is the Field of Dreams of jazz.

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Since 2004, there have been more than 30 sailings of The Smooth Jazz Cruise, all sellouts.  Why?  Because The Smooth Jazz Cruise has defined this genre and continually presents the top performers and more music than any other program.  This unrivaled event is due to the amazing artists and guests who, together, have created and sustained what is known worldwide as “The Greatest Party at Sea.”

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A new cruise program featuring a broad range of top drawer and exciting entertainment, all in the spirit and under the direction of Jazz Trumpeter Chris Botti. While musical experiences form, the core of the program, Botti has infused exciting performers and events from other entertainment genres. When viewed together, the cruise reflects the style, stature, and stardom of the amazing host.

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U.S. & Canada: 888.852.9987
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